October 2008 Bike of the Month
Bike of the Month Frank Colver with his Harley Davidson WF

Make: Harley Davidson
Model:WF Sport Twin
Country of Origin: USA
Engine: 600cc Twin
Year: 1923
Owner: Frank Colver, Costa Mesa

1923 Harley Davidson WF Sport Twin

Congratulations to Frank Colver of Cost Mesa for winning Bike of the Month with his 1923 Harley Davidson WF.

Third time's a charm for Frank, he's one of the favorites in our group because he has such a fine collection of bikes. Frank has won twice in the past with his Sunbeam and Matchless. This month he wasn't sure he'd be qualified for the contest because he brought the bike on his truck, but it was a crowd favorite by far regardless. The bike has not been started since it's restoration.

Frank bought this bike eight years ago from a man in New Zealand. The WF "Flat Twin" is an extreamly rare bike. In 1923, 641 of this model were manufactured, and there are only 2 listed in the world wide registry of antique Harleys.

The seven year restoration process was done by Glen Bator with paint by Larry Ramos. Frank is waiting for Glen to come down to Orange County to run the bike for the first time.

The WF model was manufactured for the four years from 1919 until 1923. The WF had no "electrics" from the factory. The owners were required to install any type of lighting that they may need.

The WF has a 600cc Flat Twin engine that is a copy of a Douglas motorcycle engine from England. The Bosch magnito is original factory equipment and the cutout on the exhuast is also original. According to Frank, the owner's manual suggests that you refrain from opening up the exhuast in populated areas. I'm sure it's similar a modern Harley with open pipes.

Thank you Frank for bringing out this priceless beauty for all of us to see. It's not likely that any of us will ever see another.

The Bike of the Month contest is held monthly at the Vintage Bike OC meet. Qualifying motorcycles must be 30 years old or older. Former Bike of the Month winning bikes are not eligible to win again. Anyone attending the meet is eligible to enter a qualifying bike in the contest and vote for their favorite bike. The winning bike is chosen by a popular vote and is featured on the Home page for one month and in this feature article. The Bike of the Month articles are permanent content on the site.

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